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I Beam Conveyors / 2 Wheel

We offer two-wheel heavy-duty I-beam conveyor, which is a power and free overhead monorail conveyor. This automatic system is economical, integrative space storing and highly efficient in long hour works. This system can be used in manufacturing requirements and automatic workstations to perform functions like transporting parts through ovens, paint booths or similar operations, delivery, loading, unloading, storage and scientific production management.

The conveyor can stop any individual load without stopping the entire production line. According to the load capability of the trolley, the Power & Free Overhead Conveyor can be grouped into light-duty and heavy-duty conveyor. The heavy-duty conveyor uses X-348, X-458, and X-678 power chain along with free tracks. The power chain is made of a flanged channel in three types e.g. 3", 4" and 6" with load capacities are 250 kg, 1000 kg, and 4000 kg respectively. These conveyors are highly effective materials handling systems in the Automobile industry.

Tension Unit
The Tension Unit is fitted at the end of a 180� horizontal standard loop by compressing two short lengths of track. The tension units are connected together by two adjustable sliding system through springs fitted screw.

Two Wheel Heavy Duty Conveyors - Power Track with Trolley and Drive Unit. Our Price for X- 458 trolley U$ 22.00 per set. and X-458 chain U$ 08.00 per feet. Two Wheel Heavy Duty X-678 Conveyors. Our price for X-678 trolley U$ 43.50 per set. And chain U$ 13.00 per feet. We also provide turnkey project for complete convey solution. We are looking for your inquiry.

Two Wheel Heavy Duty Conveyors - Track with Trolley and Drive Unite

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