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Overhead Conveyor / 4 Wheel

Powder-Coating System and Auto-Oil Lubricator
The Powder Coating System is used for dry coating application using the powder of thermoplastic materials or thermoset polymer. Providing hard finish tougher than paint, this system is mainly used for coating of metals.

The Auto-Oil Lubricator provides lubrication to various internal systems such as moving parts, wheels, etc. This ensures cleaning and corrosion resistance to the internal parts of the conveyor systems.

Conveyor Chain and The Drive unit

Straight Track Conveyor and Horizontal Bend

The Straight Power Track Conveyor is made out of MS rolled angle or 10BG cold formed sheet with dimension 36 X 36 X 3 mm and standard length of 2500 mm. This system is fitted with a supporting track bracket of 4 mm thick at 625-mm pitch. The track can be made to special angle, if required.

The Conveyor Horizontal curves is fabricated from 10BG cold formed sheet with 36 X 36 X 3 mm section. It forms a central line reduce of 600-1200 mm with standard angle of 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° or special angle required by clients.

Overhead Conveyor Systems

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